MS Tip Jar: #1

Even before I was diagnosed, but especially after, I’ve had friends express that they don’t understand how I always have my hands in so many things. In a way they are absolutely right; I am involved in a LOT. However, while I appreciate the sentiment whenever it’s shared, I know for myself that the only way I’ve been able to “do it all” is because I consciously choose to say “no” to so many other things. No one really knows how much I DON’T do.

And thus is born my MS Tip #1: “I can do it all because I DON’T do it all.”

My diagnosis has actually made this concept an easier rule-of-thumb to live by. I feel less guilt for cancelling or bailing on plans when I’m not feeling up to it, and I’ve had a better ability to delegate projects to others rather than just doing it myself exactly like I’d want it (this has always been a shortcoming of mine). Feeling able to say no to things that aren’t a priority has been a freeing thing, as has choosing to let go of some of my perfectionist tendencies. I recommend it!

If you have MS, consciously choose to dismiss all guilt of not being involved in everything you’d like to be involved in. Decide what your priorities are. Give your energy to those things, knowing and accepting that from day-to-day your energy commitments and plans may need to change. Believe that you can accomplish your goals with MS, even if it takes some adjustment. When you give yourself the patience and compassion to NOT do it all, you really CAN do it all.

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